The vape market is full of promising vape gear, all of which promise to give you an unforgettable vaping experience. However, only a few of them come close to actually doing that while some simply knock you off your feet with outstanding performance. If you already use a Smok device, then you already enjoy their top-notch performance. However, there comes the time when it seems like the performance is dwindling. At this point you do not get to enjoy your ejuice as much as you did the last time, this is when you need to swap out some of the old and bring in something new and fresh.

To keep your love for vaping alive and well, Smok has developed ingenious and high-performing coils because they know just how much high-quality vaping means to you. The Smok RPM Replacement Coils are designed specifically for you if you are using the RPM40 pod. Although they are still compatible with Smok SCAR-P3, Smok SCAR-P5, Smok THALLO, Smok THALLO-S, Smok ALIKE, Smok POZZ X, Smok FETCH PR, SMOK NORD 2, SMOK RPM 80 PRO, SMOK RPM 80, and SMOK FETCH MINI 40W. 

Smok RPM Replacement Coils Review

It does not just stop at multiple compatibilities, the Smok RPM Replacement Coils are also manufactured in a wide range of resistances and heating elements so they suit whatever ejuice you prefer to vape, whether freebase nicotine e juices for salt nicotine e juices. They also accommodate your preferred style of vaping whether you are an MTL vaper or a DTL vaper.

What We Know About Smok

Smoktech, popularly called Smok, is one of the leading manufactures in the vaping industry with a plethora of vaping devices and accessories to attest to their mettle. Smoktech is the flagship brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. They are one of the oldest vape manufacturers with their inception dating back to 2010. Today, you can find their products in just about any vape store, both online and local. Chances are that you probably got to know about Smok from a friend that brags so much about it. In short, it is easy to say that the name Smok is synonymous with high quality. 

About The Smok RPM Replacement Coils

These coils are available in four unique types, each of which delivers a specific function, and they deliver exceptionally well at that. These vape coils make use of a plug-and-play mechanism that is pretty simple to get the hang of. This just means that Smok eliminated the worry of over-tightening or under-tightening which is rather common if you have ever used screw-in coils. 

Smok RPM Replacement Coils Review

  1. Smok RPM Mesh 0.4ohm: This is a coil that is particularly designed to satisfy DTL vapers. They feature a single Kanthal mesh coil sporting a honeycomb mesh design that gives it a faster ramp-up time and produces rich flavor and boasts of increased cloud production. These coils are designed to accommodate high VG ejuices. Set your device to 25watts and enjoy this coil at its optimal performance. 
  2. Smok RPM Triple Coil 0.6ohm: Just like the 0.4ohm coil, this coil is also a DTL coil. In its case, it features a full parallel triple coil design that gives it an improved lifespan without reducing quality. It is designed to be compatible with freebase e juices and best at 25watts.
  3. Smok RPM SC 1.0ohm: These coils should be best paired with high PG e juices and are also perfect for nicotine salt e juices. The coils feature a single wire heating element that is designed to produce intense flavor and ideal for more discreet levels of cloud production. The coils are best at 14watts.
  4. Smok RPM Quartz 1.2ohm: These coils are best for MTL vapers. They feature a single quartz heating element that can be used with 50% propylene glycol (PG) ejuices, as well as salt nicotine e juices. They also feature faster ramp-up time and deliver good flavor. 


Each pack comes with 5 coils and each should keep you vaping for about one or two weeks depending on how frequently you vape, and they work just as good as the coils that came with the Smok device. You can buy the Smok RPM Replacement Coils for £12.99 on Vapegreen.

One more thing, before using a new coil, always remember to prime. This can go a long way in improving the lifespan of the coil and also prevent you from getting any dry or burnt hits while you vape.