Despite my love for them I can’t have Pina Coladas, the pineapples have conspired to kill me so I’ve had to keep my distance. Strangely while my stomach has a hissy fit whenever I have a pina colada it is perfectly calm with pineapple flavoring. So here’s when this came from! I usually have a somewhat large stash of pina colada flavoring on my perfectly tidy desk (inside joke) but on this fine day, I just could not find it. So I set out to make it out of the base flavorings. I mean.. how hard can it be right? Very it turns out, dealing with quantities this small makes everything different but hopefully, my mistakes highly classified scientific experimentation can help a bit.


I have used TPA flavorings for this mainly because I find their stuff really good, and also because out of all the coconut flavorings this seems to be the one I like the most. even if it does take a really long time for it to steep to my taste.
The flavoring is given in percentages, this is the overall flavoring to be added to the mix and NOT of the target e-juice volume

40% Coconut Flavoring
30% Pineapple Flavoring
25% Rum Flavoring
5% Bavarian Cream

Estimate how much flavoring you will be wanting to make, to calculate percentages
Mix into a suitable bottle in any order
Let sit for a good 24hours, don’t ask me why but it really makes a difference, the mixing gods probably require a proof of patience to work their magic
Mix into your base juice to liking, this is a heavy flavoring so start around 5% and work up to liking (I use 10% for this one in my juice)

Quick notes

I find the TPA coconut quite creamy, if you are using a different one or want yours even creamier you can: 1) Use a bit less rum or coconut or pineapple to increase the Bavarian Cream percentage or 2) use a bit of Banana Cream flavoring.. which I think is a different recipe altogether but it was suggested so its included

Aside from the previous tab on increasing creaminess I will on occasion sweeten my pina colada a little bit with Ethyl Maltol, about 1 drop per 10ml seems to give a smooth richness without affecting the flavor too much

Other Notes
The Bavarian Cream does carry a vanilla note to it, after-all that’s what Bavarian cream should do, but I find this quite agreeable and there is no real substitute for cream flavoring. You can entirely skip this since the coconut is usually creamy

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