Summary: Extremely Strong Menthol Flavoring that can be vaped by itself or as a minty cool addition to other flavorings. Strong menthol is also very efficient in 0nic juice for heavy-vaping sessions where you just dont want all the nicotine kick. I devised and am sharing this for two very simple reasons: I had menthol crystals already at home! and I just couldnt be bothered of trying menthol samples from all those suppliers since its so simple/fast to make my own!


Propylene Glycol (PG) roughly 4ml for this specific version.
Menthol Crystals couple of grams should do.


Fill a small bottle half way with menthol crystals, try a small quantity first like 3 or 5ml bottle.
Top the rest of it off with PG.
Shake well every few minutes until the menthol dissolves.
Optionally you can speed this up by warming the bottle in a warm water bath.
Quick notes
Depending on the crystals this comes out a bit strong pure menthol flavor, use 5% as flavoring and add more to taste (if needed). You can also use a few drops to add a minty coolness to any juice.


You can use Vegetable Glycerin (VG) instead of Glycol but it takes longer for the menthol to dissolve, if you plan to thin down your VG flavoring with a bit of alcohol it’s preferable to dissolve the menthol in alcohol.
Preparation time: 20 minute(s)