The excellent news about DIY e-juice is that it is like an art. It is a form of expression and identity like any art. However, like any other art form, it requires practice as well as the talent to obtain the best DIY e-juice recipes. Flavorah e-juice recipes are dynamic since are acquired through continuous improvement. Premium qualities are often as a result of critique, adaptation, perfection, as well as growth. To come up with the best DIY e-juice recipes, Flavorah empowers individual artists to vape according to their skills. It’s a hobby as well a business meant to free the world from tobacco products. Interestingly, the market for DIY e-juice recipes is growing every day, and the taste keeps on increasing.

What You Need For Homemade DIY Recipes

Your homemade DIY e-juice recipe can be as good as or even better than the retail e-liquid recipes found online. One can decide to use the same ingredients but make the e-juice recipes more customized and flexible. One importance of  homemade DIY e-liquid recipe is that it  allows for creativity and also is cost-efficient. Moreover, it can be a solution to the uncertainties currently surrounding the vape business. There may be several cheap options in the market but the question is will you be able to afford e-juice time and again?


Road Map On How To Create Your Own DIY E-Juice Recipes

If you can make your own cocktail then you can manage to come with a DIY e-juice recipe. All you have to do is visit and check on the guidelines on how to make the best DIY e-juice recipes and follow the steps. The basic tools that are highly encouraged to empower homemade DIY e-juice recipes include

  • Ensure having a splash-proof eye protection and gloves for safety.
  • Ensure you have 120ml glass dropper bottles for mixing
  • make sure you have disposable plastic pipettes, graduated cylinder, and oral syringes for measuring
  • One should have a small digital gram scale with 0.01g accuracy.

Regardless of preferences of the vape or methods one intends to use to come up with a DIY e-juice recipe; it’s important to have the vape juice ingredients that include;

  • A base liquid which is mostly vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.
  • Vape juice flavor concentrates for determining the taste of the e-juice.
  • 100ml Storage bottles for storing the base liquids
  • E-juice Bottles-For early experiments
  • Labels for writing details on before sticking to the bottle
  • Gloves-ensure you have disposable gloves in hand.


To Mix Any DIY E-Juice One Should Follow The Following Steps.

  • Print out the desired recipe
  • Have all the required flavors in hand; which include VG and PG bases or any tools required.
  • Locate a clean area to avoid distractions, such as drinks, food, and electronics.
  • When ready to mix, add the flavors to an empty mixing bottle, make sure to recap the flavors after, and put them aside before taking the next flavor to avoid accidentally mixing up flavors and bottle caps.
  • Then add PG/VG. You use the PG or VG recommended by Flavorah guide or you can decide to adjust the proportions according to your preference.

For Perfect Results Use E-Juice Calculators

For accurate and replicable results one will require a vape juice calculator. A calculator can make one’s work more manageable since it simplifies the entire process by providing info on the amount on how much ingredient is needed to obtain a particular flavor. Calculators cab be downloaded online. The commonly used calculator is DIY juice calculator and can be found on The site has also other good applications that can be used to keep track of recipes as well as inventory.