Ok, so I had to start adding more content about the best e-liquid flavors overall so that you as a new reader know that its not all about tobacco e-liquid flavors or menthol e-liquid flavors although you may be some what new to vaping e-juice. So this section will be all about the best e-liquid flavors online. I have to say first that personally as an ex-smoker I did very much like menthol flavors personally, but I did start to enjoy many other vape juice flavors that were not menthol, but deserts, fruit, candy, coffee, and others.

Best E-Liquid brands in the 2017

Best E-Liquid brands

Rank Brand Flavour Vapour Customer Satisfaction Overall Rating
black note
Black Note
Vsavi 100% VG
V2 Cigs
Cosmic Fog

Best E-liquids (My Favorites)

Black Note stormed into the top 10 e-liquid brands poll, but they got most of their votes after we’d officially counted up for this list. 19th century painter and poet William Blake once said, “The true method of knowledge is experiment.”
At black Note, greatest successes have come from experiments and relentless explorations of possibilities. During journey, they’ve developed an in-depth understanding of what it takes to produce a premium tobacco e-liquid, from the selection of tobacco varieties and the cultivation of the fertile, volcanic soil. to the cold extraction process designed to coax out both the bold and subtle flavors of the tobacco leaves, to the bottling process, timed to ensure the subtle flavors are preserved. Given that dedication, Black Note envision the future to be much the same, with time spent refining and understanding of their product, customers and mission.

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Five Pawns does something few mixologists in the industry can do. They near-perfectly blend a wide variety of flavors, some that seemingly wouldnt work well in a mix, in some of the most unique concoctions imaginable. Not only that, but they seem to have the ability to take flavors you wouldnt normally enjoy and mix them into a mouth-watering and savory vape. While the price of each bottle may deter some, let me tell you, its well worth it. When I first started vaping, I was paying $10 for 10ml of something like an RY4, and that was about as complex as it got. Theres nothing wrong with ordering a months supply of dirt cheap e-liquid online, so long as it keeps you from smoking. Five Pawns is for the flavor connoisseur, the vaper whos tried the rest, but is continually looking for the best.
Five Pawns is one of those mixers that every vaper knows, offering a consistently-delicious range of juices. They were close to making this list, but didn’t quite make the cut – although, like Black Note, they had a surge of votes not long after we’d officially counted up. We love most of their juices, but Castle Long and Grandmaster are particular favorites. A 30 ml bottle costs $27.50.
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Halo have some fantastic tasting e-liquid mixes that taste great on their e-cigarette starter kits mentioned above. Their Tribeca flavor (light tobacco with caramel and vanilla) was our favorite and it was absolutely to die for!
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Probably the best value for money e-liquids on the market and Mt Baker Vapor are renowned for their awesome customer service. They have a huge range of flavors as well as some great starter kits. They have 15ml of e-juice starting at just $3.99, which is absolutely insane! We tried 8 of their e-juices and were very impressed – Maui Sunrise was our favorite!
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Vaporfi allow you to choose your own custom blends. This means you can create your own e-liquid mixes with up to three different flavors! They also have a good range of nicotine levels to choose from. Most importantly Vaporfi use the highest grade ingredients around and all their e-liquids are made in their US clean laboratory.
Vaporfi have also launched their new premium artisan range of e-liquid which is more VG heavy and great for those who want more vapor from their e-liquid (note these e-liquids are aimed towards those with sub ohm tanks and drippers. Not all tanks will be able to use the VG heavy e-liquid).
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