When the world of sub ohm vaping progresses and becomes trending, so does its gadgets. Many vaping devices are becoming advanced. Vapers are using the ones with transparent tank systems that are reusable.

They prefer this gadgets than the cartridges that they can dispose right away after using them. This is because these sub ohm vape tanks are easy to clean on a regular basis. In return, you’ll experience high-quality sub ohm vaping. You’ll also prolong the lifespan of your sub ohm vaping tank. So let’s discuss these cleaning tips in this post.

Step 1 – Empty the Tank

It is very simple to clean and maintain the quality of your sub ohm tank. Just remove either the top or base part of your tank. This depends on the structure of your tank. You empty out any sub ohm vape juice still inside your tank.

Step 2 – Wash Off the Remaining E-Juice

You can wash off any remaining sub ohm vape juice from your tank. You hold the tank under the running water. Make sure that water has a warm temperature. It is recommended that you clean your tank every few days on a regular basis. You also blast water into the tank for around 30 seconds. This way, you’ll ensure your tank is clean.

Step 3 – Let the Tank Dry

The sub ohm tank uses electricity and has electrical wires. It is critical that you let the tank completely dry before you put them together and start using it. After you wash off the remaining sub ohm vape juice, shake it to remove the remaining water or moisture. You wipe off any excess water with a tissue paper.

It is easier to do this if you twist the corner of a tissue. Then, you slide it into the vaping tank. You’ll easily dry up any remaining water in the tank. You’ll also soak up as much water as possible when you twist it around the sub ohm tank. Even if you did your best, it is normal that there is still water left in the tank. So you air-dry your tank for around 5 to 10 minutes. You do this before you refill your gadget with new vape juice and reassemble it.

Other Cleaning Methods

Use a Cleaning Device

It can feel annoying and a bit mind-numbing when you clean your sub ohm vape tank on a regular basis. Another option you can buy is a vape cleaner. This will perform all the heavy labor for you. Just put the parts of your tank into the cleaner and add a little water. In just a few minutes, the parts are well cleaned. This is a great idea when you continuously change flavors and must wash your device on a regular basis.

Other Techniques

Some people soak their tanks in alcohol or water during the night. Others submerge their devices in boiling water to perform sanitation. Even if these techniques are well known, the risk is higher. You’ll deteriorate the parts of the sub ohm tank if the high temperatures come in contact with any rubber, vinyl, or plastic pieces in alcohol for a long period of time.

Remember what you have researched and determine which certain solvents react differently with other materials composing the tank. To know more about the maintenance of your sub ohm tank, visit www.wotofo.com and have a happy sub ohming experience using your device.


You must have a habit to clean your sub ohm tank thoroughly once a week. This can be frightening at first if you don’t know what to do. If you clean and maintain your devices properly, this has a great effect on the entire quality and longevity of your tanks.