2019 has already seen some of the best pod vape systems being released on the market. The vape industry continues to grow with more and more innovative products. Pod devices have been growing in popularity in recent years.

All pod devices are unique in different ways and have their own appeal. Nonetheless, in this article, we’ll attempt to rank the top vaping devices on the market.

What is a Pod Vape System?

A pod vape system is better than your basic e-cigarette, but not as advanced as some box mods. Newbies to vaping, and those who are transitioning from smoking may find that a basic e-cigarette is too limited and doesn’t allow them enough control over their experience like a pod system.Best Pod Vape Systems of 2019

Pod systems consist of pods, and a compact, hand-held battery. The pods fit into the battery. Most pod vape systems do not have buttons and are draw-activated. They feature low-amperage batteries and a USB port for charging.

Below are some of the best pod vape systems of 2019. Read through and find the right pod device for your needs.

  1.     The Orion Q Pod Kit by Lost Vape

The Orion Q is a simple, refillable kit, which is easy to use. It is small and lightweight, so it is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The Orion Q device comes pre-programmed with a range of finely tuned firing modes. It sports a built-in 950mAh battery in a durable, premium alloy shell with carbon fiber panels. The 950mAh battery can deliver around 450 puffs per charge, so even if you are a heavy vaper, this device can take the punch. The pod cartridge can be refilled by twisting off the cap next to the drip tip.

This is a Mouth to Lung (MTL) pod system that does not rely on a chip for its performance. Instead of a chip, the device use of a direct voltage-based output where the current battery level determines the power output. The Orion Q pod can reach up to 17W and comes with a refillable 2ml pod. It features a single button as well as a multi-colored LED light that serves as a battery life indicator.

The Orion Q device comes with a suite of safety features including short-circuit protection, weak battery protection, temperature protection, and low/high resistance protection.

  1.     Bo Plus (BO+) Starter Kit by Bo Vaping

The Bo Plus is a step up from the Bo One. It comes with an 800 mAh battery. The Bo Plus has a USB-C connection that you can use to recharge the device within 15 minutes. The device features improved airflow so you can control the vapor production.Best Pod Vape Systems of 2019

The Bo Plus has a dimension of 95 x 24 x 12mm. It is compact and stealthy so it fits easily in the pocket. The device comes with a disposable e-liquid pod with a capacity of 1.5ml.

The design of Bo Plus is a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance.

  1.     Drag Nano Pod Kit by Voopoo

If you have used any devices by Voopoo, then you will agree that the Drag Nano is fit to be ranked as one of the best pod vape systems of 2019.

The device is very small. It has a shiny metal exterior which adds to the factors that make the Drag Nano stand out. The pods slide in and out effortlessly and its build quality is excellent.

Vaping with the Drag Nano is a breeze. Considering its size and uniqueness, it is perfect for stealthy vape-on-the-go sessions.

  1.     EQ Pod System by Innokin

The EQ pod is a refillable pod system that comes with Plexus coils, allowing you to experience more flavor and long-lasting pods. The Plexus coil technology heats up and cools down faster than conventional coils, allowing for longer coil life.

The device also has a boost mode which will allow you to get more flavor from your favorite e-liquids.

The EQ pods are stress-free. You only need to twist to refill, and a cap keeps the mouthpiece clean and free from debris. The device features an 800mAh battery with safety features and a micro USB port.

  1.       Breeze 2 Pod Kit by Aspire

The Breeze 2 is a popular all-in-one device from Aspire. It has been redesigned and now features an improved filling method. The device uses U-tech coil technology, allowing you to have more flavourful vape sessions.

The Breeze 2 features a new and convenient pod style system in the same compact and ergonomic design. The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid. The device is very comfortable to hold in the hand because of its ergonomic design.