Smok has several new offerings on the market today. The company has provided products that fit those that are beginners in vaping, to the intermediate ones, and even advanced vapers. The Alien Mod device is the latest from Smok that is fit for intermediate and advanced vapers. It is an all-in-one setup that has the best performance for the price.

The Alien Kit

This Vape Starter Kit comes with everything you need in an e-cigarette. The box comes with an Alien 220 mod device and it also gives you theTFV8 Baby Tank. Aside from those, the kit also has a USB cable and this can be used for firmware upgrades and charging. The kit also includes a replacement tube, spare parts and a manual. The Alien Kit has a pre-installedV8 Baby Q2 core with dual coils. Additional contents in the package are the V8 Baby T8 Core with octuple coils.

You are able to use any type of e-liquids with this device. Advanced vapers will love the size of this mod. It measures 85mm by 44mm by 28.4mm. It has a power output of 220W which is more than enough for serious vapers. This product has a coil resistance between 0.1 and 3 ohms in normal mode. When the device is used in a temperature control mode, it’s coil resistance is at 0.6 to 2 ohms. The temperature control options for this mod is at 200 and 600 degrees F. The Alien has been designed for serious vaping considering its specs. The Alien Kit has a huge memory that it can store up to 22 settings. What’s cool is, you do not need to make changes even if the atomizer is changed. This is really convenient to use since you do not have to change the settings each time you change tanks. You just have to set it on preset mode.

You will know the number of puffs consumed each day because the device features a Puffs counter setting. The Alien is a compact device and has the right curves in all the right places. The battery door is located at the bottom of the mod and has a hinged lock design. There is a sporty look to this device because of its black color. The device has an outstanding OLED display with easy to read information because it is so clear. The essential information needed for the device can be viewed on the screen Vapers will know the status of the device because all the important information are flashed on the screen.


This device is perfect for vaping all day and is a really good Vape Starter Kit. It works for almost all coil types which is very cool. The menu is easy to navigate in modifying its settings which is really convenient for the users. The settings are made simple so t can easily be understood. Smok definitely has made the Alien kit to be one of the best on the market today. If you are a beginner, this is a device that can be used easily. This device is guaranteed to be reliable based on the company’s track record.


The Alien looks so durable that it has a box-like shape with smooth round corners. The device feels good in your hands because of its design. You need not worry about its performance since this mod works well with all types of e-liquids. There also is a variety of coils to use it with because it can work with almost all kinds.This kit has carbon cover which is so impressive. You can see that the screen is bigger than the RS screen and the display is clear. You will not have any challenges viewing the status of the device. This device performs really well so that beginners and advanced vapers will enjoy using it. There may be other device’s with similar features but Smok nailed it with the Alien Kit. It is one worth having and is great for everyday vaping. The great thing is the device is so affordable that you get the best value for your money. You are able to purchase this kit for only $70.00. It is available at Vapebox’s website.