Atomic Dog Vapor has different products available. These products are Ecigarettes, cartridges, and e-juices. You can check these out on the company’s website.

Once you visit their website, you will notice that the products are presented well. The devices and other items are arranged neatly. It is easy for you to browse through these products online. The cool part is you will quickly find what you are looking for at Atomic Dog Vapor.

One thing that you will experience once you deal with the company is their excellent customer service. You will get your orders on time. There are great deals for their products that you can avail of once you visit the company’s website.

When you visit Atomic Dog Vapor, you can take advantage of the BONUS BUY. You can either buy 8 and get one for free on the eCig cartridges or buy 14 and get two for free. This is so cool since you will have more than you need of these items.

Atomic Dog Vapor’s eCig Cartridges come in menthol and tobacco flavors. This is great since you get to choose the taste that you want. Once you have this, it is easy to refill your Ecigarettes.


Some of the cartridges that we find are flavorless, but Atomic Dog Vapor makes it to the next level and provides flavored eCig cartridges. You will experience an entirely different level of smoking Ecigars with the flavors that the company offers.

Atomic Dog Vapor has the eCig Cartridge 5-pk Refills. This is something that you definitely must try. You will be presented with the green cartridge, and that means you will get the menthol flavor. This is great and if you are a menthol lover since the taste here is so pleasant.

It has a definite menthol hit, and the flavor plays around in your mouth with a fresh feel. You may find the first puff to be intense, but once you get used to the taste, you sure will want more of the menthol flavored cartridge. It is the best alternative especially to those who are used to smoking menthol cigarettes.

A brown cartridge has the tobacco flavor. This too is pleasant, and once you taste it, you will feel the real tobacco flavor in an Ecig. This has a distinct tobacco scent that lingers, and you will want more of with every puff.

There are several nicotine strengths available for Atomic Dog Vapor eCig Cartridge 5-pk Refills. You can choose from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 24mg nicotine strengths. If you want to enjoy just the flavor of the cartridge, then the 0mg nicotine level is the best one for you. If you are one that wants a substantial hit of nicotine in every puff, you can choose the 24mg. One thing is for sure; you can select the perfect strength for you with Atomic Dog Vapor.

The eCig Cartridges by Atomic Dog Vapor contain only nicotine and this is in low, standard, or zero level. The device does not include propylene glycol. The other ingredients that can be found in these cartridges are distilled water, USP grade glycerin, natural and artificial flavors, and citric acid.


It is satisfying to know that Atomic Dog Vapor has these cartridges available. This is to ensure customers that you can refill your e-cigarette right away. Aside from the item being high-quality, it also has a distinct flavor of either menthol or tobacco that you will enjoy.

You will find all the great deals on e-cigarettes at Atomic dog Vapor. Once you deal with them, you will want more of their products. The e-cigarettes are of good quality also, and you will find them on their website. It’s time to visit the company’s website and experience the service and get these products. You will never go wrong once you check Atomic Dog Vapor out. You can also check out reviews about rechargeable eCigs online

The good thing about these products is these are affordable. You will get the best value for your money because a pack of five Atomic Dog Vapor eCig Refills only costs $12.99. You can always avail of the BONUS BUY! These cartridges can easily be purchased on the Atomic Dog Vapor website. You get one now and enjoy the deals for yourself.