More people are embracing vaping as an alternative to smoking. Studies have shown that people who stop smoking quickly gain weight, but those who switch to vaping after they quit smoking do not experience this. This suggests that vaping may help with weight loss.

The Real Facts

According to Marewa Glover, Associate Professor at Massey University’s School of Public Health, vaping can be an effective method for managing weight.

Professor Marewa Glover has been studying smoking for the past 23 years. She notes that nicotine in e-liquids acts as an appetite suppressant. The reason why people gain weight after they quit smoking is that without nicotine, there is an increase in appetite which leads to a lot of eating. Meanwhile, people who quit smoking by switching to vaping do not experience any weight gain because the nicotine in the e-liquid acts as an appetite suppressant.

For non-smoker seeking to lose weight, Professor Glover notes that there is not enough evidence to show that vaping can be a way to lose weight. It is more useful for weight control than for weight loss. If you are a vaper and you are looking to shed some pounds, the combination of vaping the right e-liquid, diet plans, and exercise can do the trick.

Another factor that makes people gain weight after they stop smoking is habit. People who are used to having a cigarette in their mouth usually seek to replace the sensation of smoking by having something in their mouth. Some people take up chewing gum or eat junk food.

Why Vaping is an Effective Weight Management

Nicotine in e-liquids does not only act as an appetite suppressant, but the flavoring also plays an essential role in helping people manage their weight. Vaping can trick the brain into thinking that you are eating when you are vaping your favorite e-liquid flavor.

According to Professor Glover, the simple fact of vaping a certain flavor can be sufficient to ease hunger. When vaping the flavor of your favorite meal, it diverts your attention away from wanting to eat the food, and you can avoid gaining more weight. This means that even when vaping nicotine free e-liquids, there is a potential for weight management.

Professor Glover warned that despite the findings, vaping is not to be considered as a replacement for an effective diet regime.

E-Juice for Weight Loss

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