How many times have you found yourself adding a lot of e-liquids to your cart in a bid to find the perfect flavor? Your e-juice flavor plays a huge role in determining the kind of vaping experience you will get.

Whether you call it e-juice, e-liquid, vape juice, or vape liquid, it is important to know what your e-liquid contains and the role it plays in vaping. According to Vaping Daily, “If the battery of an e-cig is the heart, and the atomizer is the brain, then e-liquid is its soul.”

What is an E-juice?

An e-juice is a liquid that is used in e-cigarettes or vaporizers. These devices heat the e-juice up and turn it into a vapor that is inhaled. An e-juice can be a mixture of different flavors and may or may not contain nicotine. There are thousands of e-juice blends on the market to choose from.

What E-Juice Should I Buy?

There are several factors to consider when buying vape juice.

  1. Flavor

Even if you have the right nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, and vapor production, if it is not the flavor you want, you may not enjoy it. But do not worry, as I pointed out earlier, there are thousands of e-juices available on the market today. You can spend an entire day browsing e-liquids without seeing the same brand and flavor twice.

You will find e-liquids with the flavor of fruits, desserts, tobacco, cocktails, and this list goes on. There are even e-liquids that give you the flavor hotdog, beer, crab legs, and red bull.

  1. Nicotine

After you have chosen your flavor, now what? Picking your preferred nicotine strength is the next step. E-juices are made with different nicotine levels, so there is one for everybody.

Light smokers who can finish half a pack or less of cigarette sticks a day can start with 6 mg of nicotine or lower. Average smokers who used to consume between half a pack to one pack daily should try a nicotine strength level between 9 mg and 16 mg. Chain smokers can start at 18 mg to 36 mg of nicotine. If you do not want any nicotine at all, most of the e-juices today are also offered with 0 mg of nicotine.

  1. VG/PG Ratio

VG stands for vegetable glycerin, while PG means propylene glycol. Both VG and PG are used as food additives, and their concentration levels can have a dramatic effect on the flavor and vapor of an e-liquid. Keep in mind that VG produces a smoother vape with increased vapor production. PG, on the other hand, gives you rich flavor and a more intense throat hit.

Where to Find E-Juices?

With so many vape liquids available on the market, I guess finding the ones with the best quality can be tricky. That’s why I suggest you buy from brands that you can trust. Slim’s E-Juice, for instance, makes high-grade e-liquids that are sure to meet your expectations. What’s more, its prices are hard to beat. For a high-quality, cheap vape juice, give this brand a shot.

Steeping Your E-Juice

You may have heard reviewers advising you to steep your e-juice. Some newbie may even know¬†how to steep e-liquids but does not understand its purpose. Steeping an e-juice is like letting a good wine age. The process brings out more of the vape juice’s flavor.

Before steeping, the cap may be removed if your e-juice is on the strong side. This is to allow the bottle to breathe a bit and tone the flavor down. However, leave the cap on for e-juices with a weak flavor. Keep the bottle in a dark cool place for a few days (or a week even) before vaping it.

How to Store Your E-Juice

You cannot just place your e-juice wherever you want. E-liquids are extremely sensitive to light and heat. Constantly exposing them to both can speed up the nicotine oxidation process. Store your e-juices in a dark cool dry place to preserve the flavor longer.