Who would dare say no to berries? They are delicious and just bring flavor to any liquid you mix them with, just like the e-liquid from Sqeeze called Berryade. If there’s such thing as love at first taste, then this flavor surely gave me a magical experience and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. If we check its website, the Berryade blend has a fairly brief profile description. “A refreshing blend of sour lemon, ripe raspberries, and sweet strawberries.” Well, to be honest, I love that it is short and concise, but most importantly, I love that it lives up to its information. Yes, there’s sourness and sweetness wrapped in one bottle. Head on to www.sqeezeliquids.com to check it out now.

My very first inhale welcomed (and surprised) me with so many different flavors. The lemonade taste was clearly prominent, then at times there were hints of grapes, pineapples, pomegranate, plums, and even pears. Look, I really can’t distinguish one from the other but here’s what I am very sure of — that there’s a whole bunch of varied berries mixed in there. But don’t worry, the blend is perfectly combined and it’s not crazily mixed up. In fact, you will enjoy vaping this for sure (especially if you like sweet mellow tasting ones).

I rarely say this but the Sqeeze Berryade e-liquid instantaneously skyrocketed and secured a spot as being one of my top favorite e-juices. Another reason I love this e-juice is the fact that it is not a cotton or coil killer. The vape is smooth and taste is absolutely delicious. As I said earlier, it’s a perfect combination of sweet and sour, with a medium flavor intensity. I also super love the aroma it gives off the moment you open the lid off the bottle. Brace yourself for the mouth-watering smell of lemonade and berries in there.

Meanwhile, Sqeeze did not reveal its vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio. This e-liquid blows considerably massive and dense clouds. I recommend you use a high wattage mod for this. I had a wonderful experience using my Smok Alien 220W mod kit. If you are worried about the taste, this e-juice is able to maintain its delicious flavor regardless of you increase the wattage. No need to fret about burnt taste or anything. The flavor is all the same. But if you are chasing for maximum flavor, I suggest you vape this from an RDA.

Some advice though, if you buy this bottle and you feel that this is not giving you the flavor you are expecting, you can steep it for some time. I usually give my e-juices at least a day so the ingredients can mix properly. Of note, some e-juices are pre-steeped already so you can skip this part and jump right straight to vaping. While this e-juice gives a pretty smooth throat hit, you can choose the strength you want to experience. As for this blend, the highest nicotine concentration available is 6 mg. Some may find it too low especially when you compare it to other brands that offer as high as 24 mg of nicotine, but this is already more than enough for most vapors. Average users and those who are still starting can take a baby step and grab 3 mg of nicotine for now. However, if you want no nicotine at all, as in just plain e-juice, the 0 mg of nicotine version is readily available.

Want to snatch a sweet deal and save some bucks? Go to sqeezeliquids.com and grab a 30-mL Sqeeze Berryade bottle for only $19.99 and 60-mL for as low as $24.99. The Berryade e-liquid is brought to you by the Sqeeze, a relatively new premium e-liquid maker. The Sqeeze currently has three summertime flavors to offer, including the Strawberry Lemonade and Limeade. All its blends offer a twist of fruity flavors with a cooling taste of sweetness. All products are made from the finest materials and are handcrafted straight from the United States.

Overall, I really enjoyed vaping this flavor and this surely live up to its berry goodness name. What more can you ask for from a vape e-juice? This e-liquid already boasts of high quality materials, attention-grabbing packaging, delicate flavor, and big clouds of vapor.