Smok is not known for making vaping tube mods. However, the V8 Starter Kit is one of the best vaping kits with a tube mod that you can find on the market. It was released after the popular Alien kit so you can bet that it has some top-of-the-line features. While the small size of this kit makes it ideal for use on-the-go, it has the powerful Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast tank which can produce tremendous clouds. This makes the V8 Starter Kit perfect for every vaper. Let us take a closer look at the Smok V8 Starter Kit.
The Smok V8 Kit is very easy to use. This is the kind of kit to use if you want to get into sub ohm vaping. It gives you all the best features with simplicity. You can get the V8 Kit in many different colors. It costs about $39.95 for this kit on Vape Fu.

Smok V8 Stick Mod

The Smok V8 mod appears very sleek and feels sturdy in hand. It is made of stainless steel and weighs only 60g. The dimensions of this device are 75mm by 24.5mm. You can fit on any atomizer with a diameter of 24.5mm or less on this mod without any overhang. There is a stainless steel threaded 510 connection on top of the mod with a spring-loaded pin for attaching an atomizer.
The V8 mod does not have any fancy screen, so it is very easy to operate it. There is only one button on the device; the firing button. The firing button is very responsive. There is an LED light around the button that serves as a battery life indicator. The Smok V8 has a built-in battery with a capacity of 3000mAh. It can fire from 3.4V to 4.2V. When the battery is full, the LED light will blink four times when you press the firing button to take a hit.
However, when the battery is low, the light will flash about 15 times rapidly.
The 3000mAh battery of this mod lasts for an impressively long time. You can go for a full day on a single charge. The kit includes a micro USB cable for charging the mod. There is a micro USB port on the side of the mod. There is a small LED dot that lights up when the mod is fully charged. The V8 supports pass-through so you can vape while it is charging.
While the Smok V8 Stick looks like any other basic tube mod that you will find on the market today, it comes with several safety features. Some of these safety features are low voltage protection, 8 seconds cut-off, low resistance protection, and short circuit protection.

Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank

The version of the TFV8 Big Baby Beast tank that is paired with the V8 comes with V8 Baby-M2 coil heads which are specially designed coil heads. The tank is pre-installed with a 0.15 ohm dual coil head. There is an extra 0.25 ohm dual coil head in the package. The 0.15 ohms coil head is recommended for better flavor while the 0.25 ohms one is for big clouds. All the coil heads that come with other versions of the TFV8 Big Baby Beast are also compatible with this kit.
The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank can hold 5ml of e-juice. The tank does not leak. It has a top fill design like other Smok tanks. You simply need to press the top cap down and slide it counter clockwise to access the tank fill hole. It comes with two large adjustable air flow slots at its base. To adjust the airflow, you simply need to turn a ring at the bottom area of the tank.