The latest fever of tiniest e-cig pod mods is unstoppable. No wonder these pocket-friendly, high-tech gadgets can be seen everywhere nowadays. If you are still spared from the fever, it’s the perfect time to contract it, with the entry of Smok Novo in the market.

Pod mods are ideal middle-ground E-Cigs that combine power with vaping quality. Not too big or small, pod mods have gained popularity among vapers in no time, after their first introduction.

Pod mods are easy to operate, do not require huge quantities of vape juice to be fed in, and there are not many buttons on it to fiddle around. Pod mod is the coolest thing happened to vapers in the recent years. We guess, that justifies the ‘Pod Mod Fever’.

Industry giants such as SMOK are no exception to this fever. Smok has been always ahead of time; thinking of innovative, out of the world next-generation designs. They have given us some of the coolest e-cig pods such as Smok Rolo Badge and Smok Infinix Ultra Portable Open Pod.

This time, the E-Cig industry genius is up to it again. Smok brings to you a genius pod design – the Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit. Smok Novo is the product that combines state of the art E-Cig technology with creative design.

If you are interested in pod mods or curiously seeking advice on what to buy, this Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit Review is the right article to find the right information.

Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit

If you are thinking Smok Novo, the tiny, low power e-cig, cannot provide you with the quality of vape you seek. No Sir! We beg to differ. This is a product of tomorrow that is designed for user convenience, where Smok delivers its well-kept promise of vape quality.

Aptly tagged as Fresh Vaping’ and ‘Intimate Vapemate’, Smok Novo is one of the best pod mods you will find in the market today. Smok’s effort to make vaping more of a personal experience is reflected in the making of Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit.

Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Pod Starter Kit comes in a variety of colors. You can have one for each occasion or something that goes with your dress.

Smok Novo – How It Works

Like most of the Smok Pod System Kits, Smok Novo works on the principle of ‘Puff and Vape’. The in-built air-flow system is one of the most efficient ones, consuming less energy.

This Smok Pod System Kit is puff-activated. As you start inhaling the vape, the pod instantly fires up, producing high-quality vape. There are no buttons involved, making it look like a gadget from the future.

Smok Novo has a tiny size and smooth edges. However, the mouthpiece is ergonomically designed, because the mouthpiece is where most of the action happens!
The body of this Smok Pod System Kit can be divided into four parts, namely, Mouthpiece, Pod, Vape Tank, and Battery. The vape tank is visible when you unplug it from the pod mod by pulling it out. RiP Trippers have come up with a video on Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Pod Starter Kit that can explain how it works.

Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit has a 2ml capacity clearomizer vape tank. The vape tank can be filled using injector bottles, a feature all Smok Pod System kits possess.

Smok Novo – How to fill with e-liquid

Filling e-liquid in Smok Novo is as simple as ABC. It’s a simple three-step procedure, without involving any hassles like juice spill or leaking.

  • Step 01. Pull out the pod from the main body.
  • Step 02. Pull out the rubber lid on the vape tank. Use injector bottle (provided in the kit) to inject e-liquid drop by drop into the tank. It is ideal to tilt the pod to inject the e-liquid to its optimal level.
  • Step 03. Once the tank is full, press the rubber lid and close it tightly.

Smok Novo – Refillable cartridges

The best thing about Smok Pod System Kits is about the availability of spares. For Smok Novo, although not many customization options are available, it is possible to replace the pod cartridge.

Smok Novo Replacement Pod Cartridges are available in a pack of three at best-buy prices on VapingZone- vapes for sale.

These cartridges contain a discrete pod element with the standard vape capacity of 2 ml. The refillable cartridges are made keeping the standard cartridge magnetic design unchanged. The cartridges have 1.2 Ohm resistance.

Smok Novo – Features

  • Intimate vapemate
  • Air-flow driven mod activation
  • High-quality vape
  • Ergonomically designed mouthpiece
  • Pocket-friendly design
  • Exquisite design (cobra covered front and back, and plated on sides)
  • In-built battery (450 mAh), no need of external support
  • See-through vape tank design
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short-time (8 seconds) cut off protection
  • Battery life indicator
  • Two pods included in the kit – possible to vape two different e-liquids at the same time

Smok Novo – Specifications

  • Dimensions: 88.3 mm (height) X 24.3 mm (width) X 14.3 mm (depth)
  • Battery power: 450 mAh
  • Vape tank capacity: 2 ml
  • Weight: 40 g
  • Input voltage: 3.3 V – 4.2 V
  • Output power: 10 W – 16 W
  • Current: ≤200 uA
  • Material used: a combination of Stainless Steel and Plastic

Smok Novo Starter Kit contents

  • Smok Novo Pod System (1 no.)
  • Replacement Pods of 2 ml capacity (without e-liquid) (2 nos.)
  • Micro USB charging cord (1 no.)
  • User manual (1 no.)

For an experience of unboxing the kit, watch this Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Pod Starter Kit unboxing video

Smok Novo – Pros

There are several pros with this tiny E-Cig superstar Smok Pod System Kit. The size, design, and performance are, of course, on the top list of pros.

The puff-activation system works very efficiently. The pod mod fires up instantly as you puff. The vapor production, as you puff, is massive. It depends on how long you puff. Probably, this is the only pod producing the massive vapor in comparison with other pods, RiP Trippers say.

The pod mod comes with two refillable pods which are an added advantage. Now, it is possible to vape two different e-liquids at a time, just by replacing the pod.

Smok Novo Pod Kit – Cons

There are no apparent cons with Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Pod Starter Kit.
Vapors need to be cautious when they are vaping Nicotine juice with Smok Novo, as it is a powerful pod mod. Well, being careful vaping Nicotine juice is more of a general caution.


Smok Novo although does not come with much customization options, Smok has manufactured the kit in a variety of colors and combinations. This variety, in itself, can be considered as the customization.

On VapingZone, Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit is available in five different colors that include basic colors such as black, blue, red, and white, and combinations such as rainbow color. Each color is suited for different occasions, and it is possible to buy a set of five given their best buy prices on VapingZone.

Smok Novo – Cost

The cost of Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit ranges between $25 and $40. On VapingZone the pod mod is available at $29.95.

VapingZone, known for its wide variety and prompt service, is the best place to buy Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Pod Starter Kit. VapingZone also offers replacement cartridges at best-buy price of $12.95.


The Pod Mod Fever is unstoppable, many have contracted the disease, if you haven’t it’s time to, by possessing your own Smok Novo Pod System kit.
The intimate vapemate is the new sensation in the vaping market, aptly tagged as ‘Fresh Vaping’.

Smok Novo is one of the best pod mods in terms of design and vape quality it produces.
The gadget from future has a puff-activated firing and easiest, spill-proof, and leak-proof e-liquid filling option, and is devoid of external buttons.

Smok has made available extra refillable cartridges which can be bought separately.
Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Mod Starter Kit is available in several colors at best-buy prices on VapingZone. The kit comes with two pods, making it possible to vape two different e-liquids using the same kit.

If you are seriously thinking of buying a pod mod and contracting the Pod Mod Fever, Smok Novo is the perfect choice to make.

For best-buy prices and prompt delivery of Smok Novo Ultra Portable Open Pod Starter Kit, VapingZone is the best choice.