The Asian manufacturer which makes the superior quality Smok vaping kits has now introduced the extremely innovative Alien 220W Kit. This now has a huge edge over the brands in the market due to its extremely awesome features. Both the 220W output that’s provided by this high power mod and the highly innovative Baby Beast tank are highlighted in just about every Smok Alien 220W Kit review that’s out there today. By releasing the Alien220W Kit, Smok has successfully suceeded in providing consumers with a nicely compact as well as a very stylish looking vaping kit. The device measures 44m long, 85mm tall, and it’s just 30mm thick. It has been dubbed as the most beautifully designed vaping kit that has introduced in the market so far. you canpick onee up now at

The actual design of the Smok Alien 220W kit may remind some of its users of the other well-known mods such as the P4U iPV 6/6X, or the Siegelei 213, yet it’s easy to see that its features are genuinely unique. On this new mod, Smok has went ahead and removed the basic power button and provided instead a firing bar. The chances are good that many who are accustomed to using a power button may very well need a bit of time when it comes to getting familiar with this new feature. This new arrangement will prevent that thing we all fear; accidental firing.  Of course, unwanted firing can still be prevented by just simply locking the system. Having a misfire occur on the Alien 220W is very unlikely since the firing bar cannot be triggered unless it is given a very firm pressure.

The OLED display

Another highlighted feature of the Smok Alien 220W Kit is the large OLED screen.. The display on this vaping mod gives you an incredible amount of information by pressing just one button. From it you can find out the real-time charge state of the battery along with being able to select the Smok vaping effect of either soft, normal or hard. The screen also furnishes a lot of other useful information, such as voltage at a particular time, the atomizer resistance, the amperage, and the internal temperature of the device. The display also show a puff counter as well as a puff timer.

At first, the display may appear a little confusing to some users, yet you can quickly and very easily get accustomed to it. The buttons are made of superior quality plastic and they are very strong. The micro-USB port can be found directly under the screen and is used exclusively for upgrades. This port is not used for charging the battery. For this you will need an external charger. The Alien is self-protected in several different aspects. The mod has short circuit and reversed battery protection. It is also has protection from weak battery, over-heating, low as well as high atomizer resistance, and low e-liquid level.

The TFV8 Baby Beast Tank is the mini version of the Smok TFV8, which is a sub-ohm tank that is still considered by many to be one the best tanks on the market today. The Baby Beast tank is known for its numerous outstanding qualities. The 220 comes with a unique top-filling system which provides a swivel cap that is hinged. The good-sized airflow slots at the base are adjustable. Even when you are operating the device at high wattage there is really no risk of burning your lips since the unit comes with a 510 delrin drip tip which everyone in the industry knows is highly heat- resistant.

If you put the many reliable Smok Alien 220W kit reviews together you get this; its aesthetic appearance, along with its solid structure and its smooth functioning in the wattage mode make this a truly unique and quality vaping kit. Smok’s newly designed firing bar in addition to its two adjustment buttons perform extremely well. The Alien 220W has the recognized distinction of being the most compact model in its class. Users of the Alien 220W to date have absolutely not reported any major drawback of this particular product. That well-known problem of long firing delay in other Smok vaporizer models has been completely rectified, and does not show itself in the Alien 220W.

If you’ve picked up the new Smok Alien, e-liquids from Halo would without a doubt be the perfect pairing for this device. There are several flavors that you can choose from which include Twisted Turnover, Tribeca, Kringle’s Curse, and Mystic Menthol. These premium  American- made e-liquids will surely stand-out and not disappoint. Halo e-juices are available at Cactus Vape for just AUD $24.95 (30 ml).