Al Tawareg is one of the prestigious brands in the market in terms of delivering taste, flavor and smoke longevity that is carefully blended with affordability. Their flavors are widely appreciated, loved and enjoyed by the Hookah community. Some of the personal favorite’s are-

Wild Mango:
Al Tawareg Wild Mango Hookah Tobacco Flavor embraces the tart of the ripe mangoes. It is sweet, juicy and fruity. The thunderclouds are in the forecast with fanatic aromatic flavor of mangoes that gives pleasurable smoke every time you puff. It’s so good that is almost ‘wild’. The big clouds of smoke alleviate the exotic flavor that don’t disappoint. The aroma is smashingly savored.
California Dream:
Al Tawareg California Dream Hookah Tobacco flavor is a pleasing and lovely blend of fruit flavors. The aroma is delicious, real fruity and real savory. The flavors of cherry, orange and pineapple dance throughout the smoking session. This fruity flavor will get everyone in its captivation, its fruit mixed texture, pleasant juicy aroma and palate hitting buzz is enough for you to give it a shot!
Orange Cream:
If you like oranges try Al Tawareg Orange Cream Hookah Tobacco flavor. I already knew what to expect- a very creamy orange flavor right off the bat. The smooth creamy flavor maintains its pace throughout and is prominent in aroma, flavor and smell. The oranges are perfectly blended; it feels that the flavor is made in heaven, smooth, subtle, gentle yet damn effective. You can feel slight orange bite and a little of cream. The rich billowy vapor clouds taste great, smell great and yes priced great as well.
Cinnamon Roll:
If you are looking for creamy smooth sweetness with a hint of cinnamon then Al Tawareg Cinnamon Roll Hookah Tobacco should appeal to you. Most of the cinnamon based hookah are seemingly unbearable but Al Tawareg have bypassed this issue .The amount of cinnamon flavor is right on spot that gives a generous bite without being too overpowering. The vanilla creaminess adds a real buttery flavor .This is the most authentic cinnamon roll flavor to taste. You will enjoy the warm buttery cinnamon taste to the hilt.



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