To say that Mad Murdock’s Pluid has something of a cult-like following, would be an immense understatement. Unfortunately, Pluid is also harder to get your hands on than a greased up pig. It can occasionally be found at and but you’ll have to move quickly since once it’s there, it’s gone fast, real fast.

The color of the juice, something I rarely get into in these reviews, as I find it to be a somewhat trivial matter (unless it’s going into a carto), is a deep, glowing green, that looks downright radioactive. Upon removing the lid, the air around you is instantly filled with the dark aroma of anise, the primary flavoring component in absinthe and black licorice.

The vape is flush with the same deep, rich, mellow notes of absinthe, and while that’s quite clearly the primary flavoring component, there’s quite a bit more to it than that alone. The secondary component is a sweet citrus note that’s rich with the flavor of the oils and zest of the fruit, rather than the juicy flesh. While it’s quite difficult to nail down the specific fruit here, it does have a powerful sweetness, as well as the bright, high citrus notes that are reminiscent of tangerine or mandarin orange. While both the front and back end of the vape is loaded with the licorice-like taste of anise, the sweet citrus flavor is particularly strong right as the vapor touches your tongue and begins to fade on the exhale as the mellow absinthe takes over, but the sweetness never quite fades completely.

The finish is what I find so intriguing about the Pluid, with deep undertones that can only be described as vaguely herbal. While it may simply be the blending of the aforementioned flavors, the finish also has a subtle cooling quality that is usually associated with a menthol or ice based juice, but there is no mint here to speak of. All said, I don’t think it would be out of line to compare the flavor to a chilled shot of Jagermeister, but that’s not exactly it either.

It is remarkably well-balanced, with a wide range of flavors that on paper wouldn’t necessarily play well together, but in practice, create a unique flavorful vape that is worlds apart from anything I’ve reviewed previously. One word of caution, keep this juice as far away from your plastic tanks and clearos as possible.

It will undoubtedly crack them like an egg before you’ve gotten through the first tanks worth. Thanks to the bold flavors and skillful blending there is a fairly wide range when it comes to Pluid’s sweet spot. I preferred it at 5.1v on a 3Ω atty yielding just over 8.5 watts, a powerful throat hit, insane amounts of flavor, and big plumes of lush vapor.

Radiator Pluid


Accuracy of flavor




Vapor production


Throay Hit