What Do All These Have in Common?

Apricot, bacon, banana bread, beer, black licorices, black raspberry champagne, blue cola, hazelnut or vanilla custard this is a short list of just a few exotic flavors listed online of some very tantalizing flavors. Actually, these are just a handful of flavors out of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of vapor e-juice flavors being offered on the market, both online and in retail stores, with new ones coming on almost daily.

A quick stop to a few of the more popular websites will leave you awed, maybe even a little confused. So many tantalizing flavors to choose from. Listed below are just a handful of websites that continually receive a high number of hits.  These sites offer some of the best products, in the widest selection of flavors to please any palate:

Casual or Glamorous

As one Pinterest post put it, “Vaping can be casual or vaping can be glamorous”.

Vaping is now seen as sexy and alluring.  The possibilities of how to vape are as limited as the imagination. With e-cigs, e-E hookahs, water pipes, narghile, etc, a person can now purchase all the paraphernalia, supplies and e-juices to smoke online. The question remains: How do select the best juice for you. The answer is not that simple since personal taste comes into play. Everything from the device to what you choose to fill your tanks with as well as the batteries that drive the device is a personal preference.

Verify the Quality Prior to Purchase

The majority of vendors carry products which provide information about the ingredients and the mixing conditions during manufacture. Cheaper e-juice is apt to provide you with a less satisfying experience. Always opt for higher quality standards from prospective suppliers and their products; this stuff is going in our lungs after all.

Consider Trial and Error With DIY Experimentation

Consider trying between 5 and 10 different flavors that sound appealing to you. If you find a few that you like, but you are still not getting the experience you were expecting, advance to a new level of doing it yourself experimentation.

Selecting an E-Liquid

Selecting an e-liquid for nicotine strength is actually no different than when selecting cigarettes. E-cigarette vapor needs to pick the strength based on their personal preferences; smooth, mild, unfiltered, regular flavor, full flavor, extra strength,  menthol, designer flavors etc. Part of the attraction to vaping is the ability to experiment with different flavors, different flavor combinations, and different strengths. You may discover that you find several flavors appealing, some that you can mix with tobacco, and some that you can add to your marijuana or other herbs.

Care should be taken when switching to vaping as a means to stop smoking.  Lowering your nicotine levels too quickly will result in over-compensating, or smoking/vaping more to compensate for the loss of nicotine. If you choose a nicotine level that is too high or too strong, you run the risk of overloading on nicotine.  Refer to the e-liquid guide there are several available online.

Start with a mild dose and build up, whether its nicotine based or just flavor you will be vaping. Visit a few vape shops; talk to the people, there, not only those who run the joint (no pun intended) but other customers as well. If you have the luxury of Vape Lounges in your area, visit them and try out flavors you think you might enjoy.  Most of all have fun and enjoy the experience.  Once you find your zone, curl up, relax and enjoy.