Caramel Tobacco by Havana Juice Co. is a blend of the familiar taste of rich tobacco with the smooth and sweet taste of caramel. Some reviewers say the combination of tobacco and caramel in this blend are a match made in heaven. Let us see if this is true.

“This skillfully blended flavor provides a delectably smooth and sweet caramel vape juice with slight hints of roasted tobacco that add a richness and robustness to its soft caramel base.”

Caramel Tobacco is packed with a creamy, rich and decadent caramel base made even more delicious by the hints of roasted tobacco flavor. This incredible combination gives this vape juice an edge. For previous cigarette smokers, this will surely take you down to the memory lane with a sweet twist.

On both the inhale and exhale, your taste buds will be treated to a strong and deep tobacco taste. This e-liquid is not bitter if that is what you are thinking, as sweet and buttery caramel notes mellow the tobacco flavor down. Altogether, each puff of Caramel Tobacco has a natural and earthy taste.

Caramel Tobacco is golden brown in color. And the instant you open the bottle, the smell of caramel richness just oozes out. It leaves a pleasant maple-caramel scent in the air. My experience with this e-juice is that it has a pretty strong flavor, which explains why it is rich. The taste is not too strong, and you will not experience fits of coughing or any throat irritation from vaping it. I vaped this for three weeks straight, and it was good. But I suggest you take a break in-between to prevent flavor fatigue.

One thing you will immediately notice after taking your first puff is that the quality of this e-liquid is undeniable. There is no question this vape liquid was made from ingredients of the finest quality. The throat his is nice and smooth. It is not too harsh and you will not get any burning sensation in your throat. The vapor production is good too. It can produce immense clouds of vapor that are huge, dense, and do not disperse immediately. Caramel Tobacco is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. If you purchase this blend, you will get your money’s worth.

Caramel Tobacco e-juice is available with a wide range of nicotine options. Usually, most e-liquids have just 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine level, but Havana Juice Co. also has a 12 mg of nicotine version. I am a 3 mg level person as I always want to enjoy a full, spot-on flavor and the nicotine kick is a sort-of bonus. But if you do not want any nicotine, go for the 0 mg level. And for a stronger nicotine kick, grab the 6 mg or 12 mg of nicotine levels.

Caramel Tobacco vape juice comes in a dark brown-colored unicorn bottle. The packaging design is pretty simple and straightforward. You will find some basic information about the product such as the brand logo and flavor name on the label.

A 60-mL bottle of Caramel Tobacco e-juice is priced at $18.49. But Humble Juice Co. thinks you deserve better and is offering a deal you cannot resist. The Havana BOGO E-liquid deal gives you a chance to buy two bottles of your favorite Havana flavor for the price of one. This is no joke. I suggest you take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Overall, Caramel Tobacco by Havana Juice Co. is neither for lovers of pure tobacco nor for those with a sweet tooth. It fits those who find themselves somewhere between these two extremes. If you are looking for a crisp quality vape liquid with a pleasant throat hit and good vapor production, then this baby will not disappoint. Whether you are into exotic blends, neutral flavor or tobacco, you will like this. Give it a try!

Havana Juice Co. is inspired by the rich Cuban tobacco leaf. There are currently nine unique flavors in this line-up ranging from the classic Cuban tobacco to the exotic dark Kentucky bourbon. Some impressive e-liquids in this collection are Vanilla Bourbon, Caramel Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Apple Tobacco, Wintergreen Tobacco, and Peanut Tobacco. All the blends boast of a simple yet alluring taste. You can get them all at