Halo Cigs, is a phenomenal company behind Halo Triton Series (batteries with 2.4ML cartomizers) and G6 (long lasting and powerful cig cum like the battery with atomizer/cartomizer system).The products of Halo always had a special place in the hearts of vaping community. The products are priced right, vape right and even feel right. Halo Cigs are the most honest vendors with very fair price and customer service.

Halo E-liquid

Now, the question is whether these merits account to Halo’s line of E-Juices; and of course not to surprise their e-juices are very different from the fine flavors of the great brands. For me, Halo e-juice is the best e-liquid choice for the grownups. Whether it is Halo’s Tribecca or Voodoo they all have a sophisticated overtone. Their recipes are delicate, complex and excite the taste buds with their intricate flavors. The majority of flavors of Halo Cigs are not the mainstream as their new flavor profile is not only new to Halo bit also a new for the e-liquid marketplace. There is a huge fanbase of Halo E-juices as their flavors are of the different category than putting by other contemporary brands.

E-liquid bottle Sizes

Halo e-Liquids comes in two different sizes, a 30 ML Bottle and a 7 ML Bottle. In total, there are over 21 e-juices of Halo to choose from. They are divided into three popular categories of Gourmet, Menthol, and Tobacco. The Tobacco category is the most populated and enjoyed with 11 flavors in all, my personal picks will be TIKI Juice and Torque 56.Midnight Apple is also great.AS the majority of vapers enjoy tobacco more the popularity of Halo is evident as it has more variety of tobacco blends.

The most popular flavors of Halo

Turkish Tobacco
Turkish Tobacco is by far the Best Halo E-Liquid. I am a tobacco lover and some things that remind me of smoking tobacco via this e-liquid is a slightly sweet rich flavor and the little scratch( that I love) in the throat without the off-putting nasty smells, stains, and tars. Turkish Tobacco reminds me of the great aspects of tobacco in a healthy way.


Mystic Menthol
If you are a menthol smoker, then you may not hunt for a warm, dry vapor that all
the tobacco e-liquid produces. You probably require something that is on a smoother and cooler side. Halo produces different menthol liquids and Mystic Menthol is one of my favorites. For me, a real sensation of the e-liquid is the one with a pure flavor and without muddling sweetness that is a common thing in all the minty e-liquids. Mystic Menthol hits the perfect notes with lots of neutral mint flavors and menthol.


Halo Tribecca 
Usually, I prefer the e-juices that are without sweetness, but the majority of vapers love the melody of sweeter e-liquids. According to some popular surveys
it is revealed that TRibecca is the best-selling e-Liquid by far. And, ‘yes’ I can definitely feel why. Tribecca is in the popular ‘tobacco’’ category of flavors but it is actually a great combination of toasted nuts, caramel, vanilla and other sweet flavors. When all theses flavors work together you get something outrageously delicious resembling tobacco flavor.

Halo Torque 56 
The majority of e smokers yearns for good, robust throat hit that gives a slight irritation in the throats and lungs when you inhale the smoke. The sensation is mostly derived from nicotine and comes mainly from smoke that e cigs do not produce. But, Halo Cigs have designed Torque 56 with the aim of producing robust throat hit as much as like a traditional cigarette. This is a very strong e liquid with a good intense flavor and is meant for heavy smokers to enjoy the sensation of real smoking.

Halo mid Night Apple 

Pipe smokers have always loved the pipe blends consisting of fruit and tobacco and Midnight Apple is Halo’s very first attempt to reproduce this great experience with an exotic e-liquid containing a hint of green apple with a smooth, fine tobacco flavor. This one is so great that it may appeal to people who haven’t e smoked ever. The green apple flavor is a little in a candy side but not tastes entirely as a natural flavor, but when combined with the deadly good tobacco flavor it works wonders without the sweetness.

Belgian Cocoa 
Though I am not a great fan of sweet e-liquids but once a while I love to indulge in it. As I am pretty much involved in maintaining mu curves, I sometimes love the nice dessert flavor rather than physically gorging on sweets. And, when I have that itch I jump to Belgian Cocoa that tricks that lust of sweet. If you are a devotee of sweet dark chocolate, then this w liquid is best for you. The taste of Belgian Cocoa is by far the best chocolate flavor ever to hit the e-juice marketplace.


The flavor, juice aroma, price and throat hit of all Halo E-liquid is truly A1.The e-liquids of Halo comes in five different nicotine strengths:

0 mg
6 mg
12 mg
18 mg
24 mg

All the e liquids of Halo are American made with popular USP Grade ingredients and all their flavorings are GRAS/FEMA approved. The child proof bottles are safety sealed to prevent ant tampering. Halo Cigs is my favorite brand and now you also know why. In future, I am planning a fun ride with the Halo e liquids by breaking down each of its flavors but as it has a huge array of flavors it will be a bit undertaking but I love challenges and hope you will also take this challenge as Halo is a pure pro. Why not avail of the awesomeness of its flavors?

Halo E-Liquids


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