One of the most common questions readers ask me is if I have come across a really good coffee flavor that I would recommend, and my answer has always been something along the lines of “unfortunately, I have yet to find one that can replicate the taste of a good cup of coffee, without bringing along with it, the artificial flavors that I identify with artificially flavored coffee candy.”

The fact is, with over 900 different chemical compounds in the average cup of joe, coffee is a very tough flavor to replicate. While I can’t say that Ginger’s Caramel Cappuccino is a carbon copy, it is a very good reproduction of the softer side of coffee. The front end of the vape is sweet and rich with a very realistic creamy caramel. As you begin the exhale, the coffee flavor does begin to present, and slowly nudges the sweet caramel to the side, but the darker, bitter undertones that are essential to a great cup of coffee, even a mild coffee like a creamy cappuccino, don’t present until the finish, and while they’re true in flavor, they aren’t particularly bold.

The overall flavor here is very good, but it still comes off with a just a hint of the artificial, candy-like coffee flavor, and like all coffee e-liquid I’ve tasted previously, it lacks the acidity and structure of the genuine article. That being said, it does do a better job than any coffee I’ve tasted in the past, especially if you like your coffee on the sweeter side. If you’re looking for a true black coffee flavor with a robust profile and bold, dark flavors, you’re search will continue, but if you prefer something light and sweet, something that tastes like you just overpaid a teenage barista with a green apron, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The juice is fairly pliable when it comes to sweet spot with flavors remaining true through most of the normal vaping spectrum. I found it to be best between 8.5-9 watts or 4.6-4.7v on a 2.5Ω atty, which produced big clouds of sweet fluffy vapor, but even towards the upper end of the spectrum, it didn’t pack a particularly powerful throat hit.

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