If you are new to vaping, you’ve probably come across squonkers, and you’re probably wondering what is a squonk mod and how it works? Squonk vaping devices have been around for several years. However, they seem to be getting more popular today. A squonk mod is basically a type of device with an in-built bottle of e-juice. Instead of filling your tank or dripping e-juice on your coils, you simply have to press your squonk bottle when vaping to get e-juice. The concept is quite simple. The bottle that comes with squonk mods has a larger e-juice capacity than most vape tanks. This makes squonkers perfect for people on-the-go who don’t want to go through the hassle of refilling their tanks ever so often. Let’s take a closer look at squonk mods so you can understand how it works.

A squonk mod has the same basic design and functionality as other mods. There is a firing button and a battery. Some of them even come with an OLED screen and buttons to control the settings of the device. The only difference between squonk mods and regular mods is that the latter comes with an in-built squeezable bottle that has a feeding tube attached to its cover. Squonk atomizers do not come with a 510 pin but instead a squonk pin that connects to the feeding tube. When you press the squonk bottle, e-juice travels up through the feeding tube and up the squonk pin into the atomizer. There are different types of squonk atomizers on the market. Some of them come with normal tanks, and others are rebuildable, so you can build vape coils.

This history of squonk devices can be traced to 2019 when a member of E-Cigarette Forum created the first squonker on the market, which was known as the Juicebox. The Juicebox drew the attention of many vapers. However, it failed to become commercially viable. The Juicebox, nonetheless, served as an inspiration for other squonk devices that were released later.

Apart from the fact that you do not have to continually refill your tank or drip e-juice on your atomizer, there are many other advantages of squonker devices. The flavor intensity of squonkers is quite remarkable, and also squonkers are unlikely to leak.

Although it may seem complicated, squonking devices are very easy to use. Even newbies will find squonkers easy to use. There are many types of squonkers on the market, and there is doubtless one that will suit your needs. If you are looking for a squonker mod and atomizer to buy, check out the Wotofo online store.