Vaping can be a lot of fun. Vapers find satisfaction in savoring different delicious e-juice flavors. Another enjoyable thing about vaping is blowing clouds of vapor. Cloud chasing is one of the best things about vaping. Initially, cloud chasing was a recreational thing. However, today there are cloud chasing competitions where vapers can win exciting prizes.

Tips for Blowing the Best Clouds

The most essential for great cloud production is to have a good vaping device. There are vaping kits on the market that are specifically designed to create huge clouds. Experienced vapers also create their coil builds. There are tutorials showing you the different types of coil builds. If you are planning to build your coil, it is essential to know what you’re doing to avoid accidents.

  • Wicking Material – The right wicking material is essential for producing huge clouds. There are many different types of wicking material. Correct wicking ensures you get the most out of the e-juice.
  • Coil Build – Cloud chasing generally comes down to your coils. The lower the coil resistance, the bigger the clouds of vapor. There are some other factors to take into consideration such as air flow, temperature, etc. There are different types of coil builds. You can opt for an atty with single, dual, quadruple or even sextuple coils.

Once you’ve mastered the bolts and nuts of your vaping device, you’ll need to find the vape juice that can produce the biggest clouds.

E-Liquids for Fantastic Clouds

Generally, MAX VG e-liquids are the best for cloud chasers. That’s because vegetable glycerin is known for producing clouds. Some of the best e-juice for cloud production include:

  • Any 100% VG E-Liquids – As noted above, vegetable glycerin (VG) is known for producing vapor. The higher the VG ratio of an e-juice, the better the cloud production. With a 100% MAX VG e-liquid, you will get plenty of thick clouds. Slim’s E-Juice has some e-liquids that are perfect for cloud chasers
  • Sky Pie Premium Cloud by Slim’s E-Juice – The e-liquid has the delicious taste of pie blended with caramel candy and whipped cream. When vaping it, your taste buds are treated to a sweet and smooth taste. It is not too sweet. Both the vanilla and the apple flavor are subtle and very well-balanced. You will enjoy blowing huge chunks of vapor when vaping this e-juice. The cloud production of Sky Pie Premium Cloud is fantastic.
  • Sasquatch Magic Cloud E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice – This e-liquid has the flavor of a delicious marshmallow, sprinkled with honey. This e-juice will delight your palates with it sweet, gooey flavor. This is a MAX VG e-liquid that has great cloud production.
  • Dragon King Cloud by Slim’s E-Juice – With this e-liquid, you will be blowing huge clouds just like a dragon. This e-liquid has the delicious taste of dragon fruit, green apple, apple candy, caramel, vanilla custard, Bavarian cream, and sweet cream. It is bursting with flavor.
  • Jazz Raz Premium by Slim’s E-Juice – This is a unique blend of fresh blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Jazz Raz is a berry e-liquid. The sweetness level is not too intense, and you also get hints of sour notes in the background. You will relish the flavor and the cloud production of this e-liquid.


Cloud production is an art, and it takes lots of practice and dedication to be able to be able to create gigantic clouds of vapor and perform tricks like the pros. You also need to learn about your vaping device and take the necessary safety precautions. Once you’ve mastered the art of cloud chasing and understand the bolts and nuts of your device, all that remains is to have fun producing incredible clouds.