Dirt Cheap’s Sugar Baby Watermelon has the flavor of a juicy watermelon. It is sweet without being overwhelming. You can easily make this an all day vape.

Sugar Baby Watermelon by Dirt Cheap has a distinct watermelon flavor. The aroma of this e-juice will have you salivating before you even start vaping it. If you love watermelon, this is the e-juice for you.

Sugar Baby Watermelon gives you the authentic flavor of a juicy watermelon. The flavor of this e-liquid will awaken your taste buds. It will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. You will not get tired of this e-juice because the flavor is spot-on.

You will not pick up any artificial flavor this vape juice. You will savor the natural watermelon flavor in this blend. It feels like eating the real thing. The watermelon flavor in Sugar Baby Watermelon is simply amazing.

I have tasted several watermelon e-liquids, but this Sugar Baby Watermelon e-juice by Dirt Cheap is something special. This is the perfect e-liquid to vape during the summer. I definitely recommend this one to all watermelon lovers.

Sugar Baby Watermelon is available with different nicotine strength levels. The choices for you are 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, or 12mg,18mg or 24mg of nicotine. This is great because you have control over the kind of throat hit that you will get from this e-juice.

The e-juice is available with different vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratios. You can choose either 90/10, 50/50, or 70/30. You will not have any issues vaping this e-liquid with a tank or dripper because it is not too thick or too light.

Sugar Baby Watermelon by Dirt Cheap has a mild throat hit. You will feel a smooth sensation in your throat. You can chain vape with this e-liquid without developing any throat issues.

Sugar Baby Watermelon e-juice will give you plenty thick clouds of vapor. The clouds do not disappear right away. The sweet aroma of watermelon fills the air when you are vaping this e-liquid.

Sugar Baby Watermelon by Dirt Cheap e-juice is a must-try.  Everything about it is just satisfying.

Dirt Cheap has a wide collection of e-liquid flavors. This company has been in the vaping industry since 2012 and is known for creating some outstanding vape juices. There is something for every vaper in Dirt Cheap’s collection.

One of the great things about buying from Dirt Cheap is that the company provides excellent customer service. You get your products delivered on the same day when you order it from Monday to Saturday – excluding holidays. Dirt Cheap manufactures all its e-liquids using the finest ingredients.

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Sugar Baby Watermelon is just one of many remarkable e-liquids from Dirt Cheap. You get the best value for your money when you buy this vape liquid directly from the company. The e-juice is available in different bottle sizes. You can get a 30ml, 60ml or 120ml bottle. You can opt for a plastic or glass bottle. Visit https://www.dirtcheapejuice.com/ now and grab a bottle of this e-liquid.

Have a break and enjoy a refreshing vaping experience with Sugar Baby Watermelon.